Smoke Damage Restoration & Repair

Fire and smoke damage can be devastating. The damage your home and personal property will sustain can be overwhelming. There are plenty of negatives when fire is involved. A positive bit of advice is to act quickly. Early restoration procedures will help minimize the devastation and damage your home or office has suffered.

The real work begins once the fire fighters have done their job and gone back to the fire station. This is a good time to call the most competent and efficient smoke damage restoration company, Service Team of Professionals (STOP) in Albuquerque, NM.

The clock starts ticking immediately after the flames have been extinguished. The costs of restoration and clean up do not behave as damage to a car might, after a traffic accident. A dent is a dent. But the continual effects of smoke and water make every second count. It is imperative that you select a restoration company who is certified in smoke damage restoration and repair as quickly as possible.



You should never enter the property without the proper respiratory protection. Remember that soot residue settles on everything and can cause significant respiratory distress. Also, very important is assessing the safety of the structure. Is the electricity off? Are the floors stable? May a wall or roof (or both) fall in at any moment? STOP will handle the board up (if necessary) and can handle the process from this point forward.

Our team members are experts in deodorization and certified through the IICRC. We are trained to identify and eliminate smoke related odors.

Remember that smoke permeates everything. Your painted walls begin to yellow and your clothes will become stained. The acidic soot begins to stain the surfaces of nonporous materials quickly. Smoke can ruin chrome-plated surfaces such as faucets, doorknobs, and light fixtures. Proper cleaning will minimize the chance of irreversible damage.

Smoke odor may remain in clothing, upholstered furniture, carpets and draperies unless they are properly deodorized before cleaning. STOP is a professional fire and smoke damage restoration company and uses unique processes that break up smoke molecules to eliminate odors. The processes are unique because they will vary with the type of material burned. Trust STOP to tailor the right smoke damage restoration plan to your specific job’s requirements. RESTORATION …done right the first time.


There are a number of factors you should consider when selecting a restoration specialist. Here are the questions you should ask prior to proceeding:

  • Does the company have proper insurance and licenses?
  • Do they have experience with the type of damage that your property has sustained?
  • Do they communicate and cooperate with your insurance company?


STOP Provides 24/7 Smoke Damage Restoration and Repair. Need help? Call STOP in Albuquerque, NM 1-505-892-3112