Hoarding Cleanup

hoarding cleanup specialist Albuquerque NMThe Hoarding Cleanup and Decluttering services that Service Team of Professionals offers requires a hoarding cleanup specialist that understands what is valuable and what isn’t. The STOP Service Team of Professionals has seen several cases requiring hoarding cleanup. While the phenomena is not well understood by the public it has been researched and is more common that most of us think. According to Eric Metcalf, MPH as many as 2-5% of the US population may be classified as hoarders and though it is a common problem it is difficult to Treat.

We see hoarders hold onto items many would consider useless or even trash but the hoarder sees value in the item and having surroundings filled with these items brings them psychological peace while the thought of discarding them may result in strong negative feelings.

What Is Hoarding?

Hoarding is a progressive disease that gradually builds over time. At the beginning it may simply look cluttered but by stage 4 the hoarded items my reach from floor to ceiling and limit access to appliances, furniture and even bathrooms. As the disease progresses many hoarders withdraw from family and friends. They may tend to avoid social situations and are embarrassed by the state in which they live. Many times the hoarded items spill over into vehicles, outside the home or even into storage locations off-site that only the hoarder was aware of.
In some cases hoarders have very valuable collectables, but they are not organized in any fashion and without a knowledgeable crew, restorable items or even valuables can be mistakenly discarded or missed. On our last project, we found wads of cash and un-cashed checks for thousands of dollars in open envelops mixed with newspaper ads around the home. These are easy to miss if the cleaning crew doesn’t know what to look for as they sift through the debris.

We’ve seen the overwhelming nature of the hoarded items affect the estate as they are dealing with the property. In some cases, they become so overwhelmed by the clutter that they mistakenly throw away valuable items like china, glassware or pots and pans and try to salvage things that can’t or shouldn’t be saved like bottles of liquid soap or trash bags.

Common Problems With Hoarding

A common problem with hoarding is that the weight associated with the contents can affect a building’s structural integrity and will many times be contaminated with mold or biological contaminants. Knowing how to protect workers and property owners and future owners from those hazards is critical. Proper protective equipment, containment even cleaning technique can have an impact on what is salvageable and what is not.

There are many things to consider when you walk into a hoarder home, office, storage facility or garage. To help our customers with the early evaluation the STOP Service Team provides free estimates on expert hoarding cleanup and we can assist you with the entire process from clean up to salvage. Deciphering the difference between valuables and inexpensive trinkets can be tricky. STOP Service Team prides itself on being very thorough. We have the experience, training and technical background to help de-clutter, decontaminate and document the contents of a hoarding house so that it can be safely restored, valuables can be salvaged or sold and the estate can reflect the true value of all the items found within the cluttered area.

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